Trump wins, America loses

By Sam Rosser, Sports Editor

I sat in utter disbelief as I watched the results roll in last night. I stared at my television set last night, shaken to my core. The presidency of the United States of America has been handed to the an unprepared, ill-tempered, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic gay-basher this country has ever had the misfortune to call Mr. President.

The very principles hundreds of thousands of men and women have fought for and gave, what Lincoln described as “the last full measure of devotion” were on the ballot. Equality was on the ballot. Righteousness was on the ballot. Maturity was on the ballot. Sanity was on the ballot. And yet, there I sat, watching numbers and listening to the voices of dozens of pundits tell me Trump was going to become my next president.

I never thought that millions of other Americans could vote for such a terrible human being that would take America back to a time when it was acceptable to grope women without permission and discriminate because of someone’s religion, gender, sexual-orientation or race. I never thought that enough Americans were misled to believe that this man can cause effective change that would help them in the long run, that he could win.

Not only is this man unfit to lead, he’s a straight up liar. Politifact, a nonpartisan organization that fact-checks politicians’ statements, rates 70 percent of Trump’s claims as either false, mostly false or pants-on-fire. And yet, he is perceived as the truthful candidate, and now he is the president-elect.

This man embodies the worst of us. He appeals to our anger and strife, without any real solutions to appease our very real problems. This man embodies the very reason our government has three branches, checks and balances and limited presidential powers. He is the very definition of a demagogue.

“Let both sides explore what problems unite us instead of belaboring those problems which divide us,” said John F. Kennedy, our 35th president. JFK is an example of what I, along with millions of other Americans, strive to be. President-elect Trump is not a picture of moral authority: he’s been married thrice, accused by a dozen women of sexual assault, including his ex-wife, categorized millions of exemplary Americans as “rapists,” proposed bans on an entire religion, insulted the the judgement of a federal judge, incited violence at his rallies, threatened to jail his political opponent (any Russian presidents come to mind?) and spewed hundreds of lies, which is incredibly irresponsible because of the magnitude of the megaphone from which every word he utters is projected.

This man is a poor excuse for an example to our little brothers and sisters, our friends, our family, our children. Do we, as a society, want his name to be in the history books? Do we want him to be the example for children across the globe? Do we want him to be our voice? Apparently so.

And yet, I am full of hope. I hope he performs the duties of the presidency well. I hope he can unite a country he has done his part in dividing. I hope he will protect the rights of all Americans. I hope that those who are scared for their well-being because of their sexuality or gender can find a good night’s sleep. I hope history will reflect kindly on his presidency.


  1. I think many politicians enter with the belief that they are doing the best for the country. Unfortunately for us, power corrupts their vision. Whether Trump will be a benefit for the US or not shall be seen in the next few years. Everyone’s surprised reaction here in Pompano just comes to show how well the city knows the rest of the US.

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