New block schedule creates buzz

By Andra Danu, Staff Intern and Thabasya Veeramani, Staff Intern

The block schedule that was put into effect after a majority vote has affected how students are approaching the 2016-2017 school year.

Mrs. Carlson, Assistant Principal, knew that the block schedule would be effective.

“Students and faculty are very adaptable,” she said. “Students learned from their peers by sharing their techniques for making the schedule work for them.”

Sophomore Kaitlyn Bergeron feels less stressed because she does not have to complete seven classes worth of homework in one day.

“I usually do the homework that is due tomorrow instead of the homework that I get on that day,” Bergeron said.

An important change that comes with the new block schedule is the addition of a study hall period that students can use to study for tests, do homework or just relax.

“I get most of my homework done during that time frame,” Madison Tappa, sophomore, said.

Junior Darshita Koosam also loves the addition of a study hall because it “gives students more time to finish their homework.”

Sophomore Charlotte Hood likes the new study hall period and having only four classes per day, but she still prefers the old schedule.

“It was less stressful last year with the old schedule,” Hood said.

Camila Castellano has to devote more of her time on Gold days towards studying to make sure she understands the lessons in her more challenging classes, such as AP World History and Pre-Calculus.

“I have all my challenging classes on one day and my less challenging classes the next,” sophomore Camila Castellano said.

One of the other challenges with the new block schedule is that if a student misses one day of school it is like he is missing two traditional days of each class.

Mrs. Carlson, assistant principal, advises students to “ask for help and use their resources like Edmodo” to make sure they are not too far behind if they miss a day of school.

Students were not the only ones who had to become accustomed to the new schedule. It was a learning experience for teachers as well.

“Teachers are explaining things more clearly this year since they have more time and do not have to rush,” Hood said.

Math teacher Ms. Fisher has been testing out different methods of teaching to see which is more effective for the block schedule.

“I will begin implementing group work in my classes,” Ms. Fisher said.

Mrs. Carlson advises students to be patient and work with the new schedule since “change takes time.”

Posted: Nov. 10


  1. The block schedule for sure benefits us when it comes to our grades and our studies. PBHS will benefit from this and allow students more time to work on their grades along with other activites.

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