Drive my car: Students deal with licenses, permits

By Madison Tappa, Staff Intern

The majority of students have their learner’s permit or their driver’s license but some of them drive all the time and some of them hardly drive at all.

“I drive more than I like,” senior Annystasia Riley said. “I drive to work. Drive to get food. Drive everywhere.”

But sophomore Andra Danu only drives once or twice a month because her parents are more strict on her driving.

“Not that often,” Danu said to describe that she is not allowed to drive very often.

Most freshman are still 14 years old, so they are not allowed to drive yet, but Isabella Acosta has driven a car before. Acosta goes to the Dominican Republic where she is old enough to operate a car, but her parents only let her do it under certain conditions.

“Clear space and no intersections,” Acosta said. “Not lots of cars.”

Mr. McLemore, Security Specialist, said a couple hundred students drive to school, based on how many cars are parked in the student parking lots everyday. He said more students drive to school with their parents in the car than without.

Some students are allowed to drive to school by their parents while others are not. According to Annastaysia Riley, her parents have her drive everywhere including school as well because it’s convenient and she has her own car.

Other students like Andra Danu are hardly allowed to drive at all because her parents don’t want her to drive as often and because she also has her learner’s permit.

“I neither encourage or discourage (students to drive to school),” Mr. McLemore said.

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