Go home, seniors, go home: Privilege replaces study hall for 12th graders

By Jessica Moschette, Staff Writer

Coming to school late or leaving early might not seem like something the school would endorse, but that’s exactly what happened when administrators offered senior privilege at the end of last school year. The 2016-17 school year opened up this opportunity for seniors to opt out of a personalization period and cut out one hour and 47 minutes of their school day.

Of 265 seniors, 228 chose the extra time off campus. Seniors reported using their free block for sleeping, completing homework, applying for college and working out.

“My grades are better this year,” senior Conrad Schlegel said. “I have more time to do my work.”

Senior privilege was introduced along with the new block schedule.

“Without block schedule, there would be no senior privilege option,” Principal Thomas said.

Senior Michelle Gutierrez leaves school early to go to her job at an audiology clinic, The Hearing Center of Broward. This time off of school allows her to work more hours, but also gives her time to keep up with homework and grades.

“I love the privilege and block schedule. Senior year is great so far,” Gutierrez said.

Students have even claimed their grades have improved and they aren’t as stressed as they were in previous years. Haley Johnson comes late on Blue Day and uses the time before school to study for her AP Statistics class, noticing significantly higher scores on her tests and a better understanding of the material.

“Senior year is going to be a productive year,” Johnson said.

The senior privilege combined with longer classes does not seem to be leading to reduced attendance. Attendance Secretary Mrs. Graves said that most seniors arrive and leave as they are supposed to, except the few “habitually tardy”students that are most likely to be tardy no matter what.

This senior privilege is making students more optimistic about what this year will bring.

“Senior year is going to be the most memorable year of my life,” Schlegel said. “I’m going to spend it with my friends and make great memories.”

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