New JV coach prepares boys for basketball

By La’Nyah Russell, Staff Intern

Varsity coach Alex Jenkins and new JV coach Jamesey Stone are preparing for
the upcoming basketball season in November, with new players, new plans, and a new outlook on the season.

“You have to be a good loser to be a good winner,” Coach Jenkins said.

After last year’s records of 9-13 for varsity, and 4-10 for JV, the coaches and the players are determined to bring that record up this year with hard work, sweat, and willpower. To help the team prepare for this rigorous season, Coach Jenkins and Coach Stone have been running open gyms and extra practices to help the players improve on their shooting, dribbling, endurance, jumping, and much more.

“Practice makes perfect, so keep pushing,” Jonathan Zouari said.

Coach Stone, has been a coach for a little over 10 years, and says he is ready to help the boys basketball team improve in any way possible.

“It’s achievable for the JV team to be undefeated if they really work for it,” Coach Stone said.

Sophomore Cedrick Camper said the team needs one more thing besides hard work to meet its goals.

“More support from the students and fans,” Camper said.

Robert Suggs, who is moving up to varsity from JV, plans to be in “beast mode” with an attitude of “Go hard or Go home.”

“What’s the point of doing it, if you not gon’ do it for real?” Suggs asked.

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