She’s not a popstar, she’s a candidate.

By Nadieda Dazile, Opinion Editor

Since Hillary Clinton declared her run for the presidency, a wave of controversy has trailed along her campaign. Clinton is repeatedly addressed by a mononymous Hillary, like Beyoncé, instead of Clinton or even Hillary Clinton.

So why aren’t we calling her Clinton? Perhaps it’s because of a lack of respect. We’ve rarely seen a male candidate who’s been called by his first name as she is, or even a government official for that matter.

“Looking back, no situation involving first names immediately comes to mind,” social studies teacher Ms. Magnetta said. ”I think it should be the same level of respect. Hillary vs. Trump is not apples to apples. It’s apples to zebras.”

Presidential candidates are not just ordinary people: They are officials who declared candidacy for a job that requires and deserves the utmost respect. Presidents aren’t usually approached with colloquial language, but with formality. It was never Barack vs. John, it was Obama vs. McCain.

Some argue that Secretary Clinton, as Donald calls her, was not the first Clinton to be a political persona. The main issue with that statement is this isn’t the United States’ first time experiencing presidential candidates who are from the same family, and it might not be the last. When George W. Bush was president, he wasn’t called George because his dad was a former president, he was simply Bush like his father.

And of course, Hillary doesn’t mind being on a first name basis as long as it helps her gain votes or even attention. Her campaign is #Hillary2016 and it’s no surprise that her campaign managers have taken advantage of the use of her first name as a way to benefit “Her”.

“How it normally works in politics is you want to be called by your first name because it makes you more personable,” technology teacher Mr. Holley said.

He recalled when Jeb Bush was running for president and used “Jeb!” as his campaign logo.

“The whole thing is about optics,” Holley stated. “That was Jeb Bush’s problem because he’s not expressive so he went with just ’Jeb!’ to counteract his low energy.”

Although the use of Clinton may help Hillary win more votes, it is also going against her main goal. If she wants to be president she needs to be assertive and use Clinton. It won’t be long until the general public realizes that “President Hillary” doesn’t sound official, and it ultimately downgrades the position of president to that of an indie popstar.


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