Gun control laws should not infringe on constitutional rights

By Alexandra Griffin, Managing Editor

With many mass shootings and an overwhelming amount of gun violence in the news recently, the pitch for stricter and more prohibitive gun laws has been welcomed by many civilians and politicians with open arms. However, with some of these laws, like the law recently passed in California limiting the quantity of bullets in a magazine, a person’s Second Amendment right is infringed upon and, therefore, it should not be enforced.

While gun violence is a huge issue in the United States that hits many Floridians close to home, a person should still be allowed to own a gun.

The Second Amendment was made so that if a tyrannical government were to reign over the United States, the people could fight back. With this year’s election having the potential to go in many different directions, I feel that it is especially important to recognize the importance for the right to bear arms.

While I do not think gun control laws should oppress one’s constitutional rights, I do think there needs to be a change. I think all states need to strictly enforce a waiting period to receive a gun after buying it.

I also believe that firearm education needs to be taken more seriously. In 2016 alone, there have been 1,471 cases of accidental shootings according to

A person should also have to obtain a license before being able to purchase a gun to ensure that the person knows how to use it properly, effectively and safely.

While I think, unfortunately, there is no one way to stop gun violence, it definitely is not through enforcing laws that infringe upon one’s constitutional rights.

Graphic by Simon Ho

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