Open House succeeds


By Nadieda Dazile, Opinion Editor


Dr. Shipe welcomes another batch of parents with open arms at Open House Aug. 30. Parents were eager to learn about the activities that take place when creating a newspaper. His Newspaper parents were more than interested in learning about the qualities of his class.


Mr. Marchand jokes with parents about his hate for grading papers at Open House Aug. 30. As a physics teacher he takes pride in knowing that students will not only leave the class knowing the speed of light but also how to grade their own papers.


Mr. Williams helps a ninth grade parent find her students’ classes at Open House Aug. 30. He stated,” I am very pleased with the turnout of the parents for Open House this year, mainly because the weather was so bad.” He continued on to say,” I am also very pleased with the staff and student participation, it makes Open House more relevant when clubs and school programs are represented.”


 Mrs. Blackburn gives parents an overall synopsis of her IIT class at Open House Aug. 30. She was very happy to show IIT parents the beginning of a new technological journey for their students.


Mr. Holley acts out a funny story for his Scientific Visualization parents at Open House Aug. 30. Teachers used the event to show parents what students do in class and how it is interesting.


 Junior Amorie Barton shows his mother his schedule at Open House Aug. 30. They were one of the many parents and students who came to Open House and found themselves bonding there as well.


Bailey Campbell points ninth-grade parent Jim Pszanka to his next class. Tour guides helped parents find their children’s classrooms. Mr. Williams, the Open House advisor, stated, “We had at least 25 students that ended up volunteering during Open House and some ended up helping without being volunteers.”

Photos by Nadieda Dazile

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