Pre-college programs are worth it

By Sabrina Conza, Editor in Chief

During the summer after sophomore and junior year, many students attend pre-college programs that either give college credit or experience in a specific field.Accredited universities such as Columbia, Northwestern and Vanderbilt all offer pre-college programs in different subjects.

This summer, I attended Boston University’s (BU) Investigative Reporting Workshop that was sponsored by the New England Center for Investigative Reporting. Through this program, I was able to live in BU dorms, take classes at BU and experience the city of Boston and its surrounding areas.

Being at BU this summer helped me envision what college will be like when I attend in a year.

Before attending the Investigative Reporting Workshop, I was extremely interested in attending BU; however, after living in the dorms and experiencing the surrounding atmosphere, I don’t know if I want to attend anymore.

It may seem as though this is a bad thing, like I wasted two weeks of my life and my parents’ money. But, the truth is, disliking a school in two weeks is not as bad as it would have been if I ended up attending the school for four years.

Taking classes at BU gave me a better look into the school than a college visit could have. The classes were all interesting, and I loved being able to learn in an accredited university.

I would recommend pre-college programs to any interested student. Being able to get the college experience for a limited time, especially at such a young age, is incredible and definitely worthwhile.

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